Thursday, April 25, 2013

Unit 3: Chapter 5

1. You have now read several views about intelligence. What do you think about intelligence? Is it one trait or many? Is it more heavily influenced by nature or nurture? Is it a fixed capacity or modifiable ability? Articulate your views in a paragraph of 6-8 sentences.

From what I have gathered from this class, as well as other psychology course that have touched on intelligence, I believe I am still no closer to feeling one particular way about intelligence then I did before all of these classes. Intelligence can be nurture or nature in my opinion. In some cases it is split right down the middle and in other cases an individual may lean toward one more than the other in their intelligence. I also firmly believe that our intelligence can be a fixed capacity or modifiable ability depending on how we use it. If we are to stay content with our intelligence and not strive to grow more, then we are fixed. However, if we continue to use what we know to build upon new information and then continue to learn new things all the time, I believe we are modifiable in our ability.

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  1. I definitely agree that it is so hard to narrow your views and ideas down to one particular theory of intelligence. Intelligence varies and changes so much, and the idea of nature vs nurture is no more clear. I, too, believe students can be influenced by both nature and nurture in regards to their intelligence, and we as teachers must consider both. I also like how yo said that intelligence can be modifiable and built upon as students learn. A classroom should become a place for students to grow and engage in new ideas, therefore expanding and developing their intelligence.