Thursday, April 4, 2013

Unit 3: Chapter 3

1. Personal and social development can have a major influence on both individual students learning and the learning environment as a whole. Identify a case from the CSEL guidelines that you would like to address in your paper. Then, examine the possible developmental factors that could be influencing your target student(s) or classroom in the case study. Consider all dimensions of personal and social development, including cognitive, language, social, emotional, and moral development.

In the middle school case, Cherie is acting out and bullying her classmates. A few of her classmates have begun to follow their leader, and distrupt the calss as well. I believe that a lot of factors must be determined to understand her interruptions and need for attention druing class working time. Not only is Cherie being influenced by her envrionment, she may also be having touble outside the classroom or at home.

Cherie may be influenced by her classmates to proceed with interupting and may feel encouraged when they laugh along with her for tripping a fellow classmate. I believe that her motives must be looked explored. Their is a reason for her acting out and it is important for the teacher to investigate what the root cause is for her acting so poorly while class is going on. More so, students are being bullied and hurt in the process. It may be that Cherie has had little social encounters with others her own age outside of school. As an only child myself, it took me a long time to get used to being around others my own age. If Cherie has not grown up around other children her age, she may not know how to respond or  behave with her peers in the classroom setting. It may also be acceptable for Cherie to behave in this manner while at home. Parental guidence is essential when students come to school aware of how to act and behave. If her parent(s) allow her to do as she pleases at home, Cherie will think that this is also acceptable in school. Finally, I believe that her emotinal needs may not be met whether by the staff and faculty of the school or by her home situation. If Cherie is not getting what she needs emotionally from her home life or from the teachers in the school, she may be resulting to getting attention any way she can. This would explain her seeking attention from the teacher and class because she sees that it works. The best plan of action is to form a plan with the other teachers she has and make sure that everyone is implementing it in the same way so that Cherie has consistency and will eventually begin to understand what is acceptable and unacceptable.

2. Check out the Tables 3.1 (p. 75), 3.2 (p.83), and 3.3 (p. 91) with particular attention to the age ranges you are interested in teaching. Identify your personal favorite way that an educator can promote a child's sense of self, perspective taking, and moral reasoning.

Be patient when students show exceptional self-conciousness; give them strategies for preseting themselves to others.

As a teacher, I plan to promote this often. Students should learn to be aware of themselves and those around them. I want students to learn to be proud of who they are and the work they create in my classroom. It is expected, especially on a middle school level, for students to be self-concious about themselves and their work, but I feel it is my job to promote their strengths during each class period. It is also very important that students learn how to present themselvest to others because when they are presenting to their peers, I want them to not only look calm, collected, and confident but feel these things a well. If I can promote an environment that will allow students to feel like they can always be themselves then they should be able to grow and learn without the presures of feeling self-concious. Hopefully I can get to know each of my students on a personal level and aid them in finding what works for them.


  1. I really agree with your point concerning parents. You said parental guidance is essential for students when they come to school, and I think you are exactly right. In my experience I have seen the importance of parent involvement and also the lack of it in some schools. There is truly a difference between those students who teach and enforce the same values at home as you the teacher are enforcing in class versus those who are not.

    Moving to your second part, I love your enthusiasm and respect for your students. Helping students take ownership of their work and becoming proud of the things they create is such a great mentality to have. Students should be daily encouraged by their teachers and have a sense of pride in the work they complete. I believe once they do, they will often work harder and be successful inside and outside of the classroom.

  2. I think you do a great job of being concerned about student's on a personal level. As a teacher you will do a lot of good helping them with building their personalities and dealing with those issues.

  3. I like how you want to make every child in your class feel important, especially in a middle school setting. I think as a teacher of several different students throughout the day, this would be a difficult task for me - to get to know them all and promote individual healthy self-consciousness. I believe that with your strategy in mind that you will be successful in helping those students who need you the most. Great job!