Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thoughts on Teaching and Learning

For students to learn they must be taught. Whether they are self taught or taught by another source, they are still learners. As teachers we will set the example for our students in learning. We will aid them in growing and developing into ladies and gentleman of this world who will hopefully one day become contributors to our society. Teaching and learning go and in hand to me because teachers are still learners, they are still learning everyday. I believe that usually a learner is not always able to teach others, but most of the time a learner is a teacher to themself in their own way. Some of the most wonderful and beneficial things I have learned have come from my students and being in the classroom with them. The connections that we make with out students can promote relationships that will benefit you and the teacher and them as the learner. Again, often times I learn more from them than I think they learn from me as the teacher.

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